Corn Hill Nursery

When you live in New Brunswick (or if you're visiting), you have to go along with the weather. Well, at least that's how I plan my explorations. Corn Hill Nursery is a spot I would go to on a day that's a little cooler; when a day by the water isn't really an option. 

I went out here a few weeks ago now with my friend Jenna to have lunch and chat about this blog, actually. There's a really cute restaurant called Cedar Cafe with a lower and upper seating area and also a deck. We went for the deck! It had a great view of the nursery and the rolling hills behind it. 

I had a quesedilla, which was really good, and Jenna had the soup and bruschetta. As usual, I was too eager to eat my food so I forgot to take a picture of it :)

 Interested in their menu? You can take a look at it on their website here

We meandered through the nursery for a while, which is really quite beautiful. Some hydrangeas caught Jenna's eye, but we went home empty-handed this trip! 

Corn Hill Nursery is in Kings County at 2700 Route 890, between Petitcodiac and Sussex. 

If you're looking to go on a beautiful drive in the country and enjoy a scenic sit-down meal, this is a great place to try! Be sure to check their website for their hours before heading out.