Pointe-Du-Chêne Wharf

It is hard to beat wharf vibes. I remember wharf nights as a kid, driving through, getting ice cream, and climbing on the rocks at sunset. Mmmmmm 

I fell in love with swimming at the wharf just last summer. I think it was my first time trying it. I've always been a little scared of swimming in water where I can't see the bottom, but I overcame my fear and have been loving it since. :) 

I love wharf nights at Captain Dan's, followed by a little sunset swim. It's a great weeknight activity. Send a quick text and meet some friends after work! 


Somebody missed the memo . . . :)

Where else can you drive up, jump in, and watch the sunset at eye level in some of the warmest salt water in the country? Well, there are probably other places, but THE VIBES!! 

PS - I recently discovered the millions of tiny fish there that swim all around you. Eek! Still worth it though. I guess the "fishing" section should have tipped me off . . . 

Got more than just a weeknight? Why not spend a day at Parlee Beach, and then head to the wharf for sunset . . .