Moosehorn - Laverty Loop

This is probably one of my top two favourite locations in New Brunswick. It’s usually the first place I bring my friends who are visiting Fundy. I feel like the ratio of hiking to payoff is perfect. :) 

There are lots of ways to do this hike. My sister, friend, and I spent a few days in Fundy and decided this time to start out on the downhill Moosehorn side to avoid the switchbacks on the way out. 

It brings you out to views like this:

Up the trail a little ways, which is a bit of climbing over those otherworldly white rocks, you’ll find this little swimming hole with its own mini cliff to jump from. It can be a little hard to find this particular swimming hole as there are lots of little pools leading up to it (all of which are fun to check out), but keep going until you see something like this: 

Then go for a swim! 

Soak in the view.

And this waterfall.

And slow down and relax.

The adventure continues as you figure out a way to change out of your wet clothes and continue on the hike to Laverty Falls! 

Unfortunately I didn’t time each section, but I would guess the first hike down to the water takes about 45 mins, and this next section about 30. It's pretty scenic as well: 

Laverty Falls is also another popular fresh water swimming spot in Fundy, and a pretty great one if you ask me. Like I said, there are lots of ways to to do this trail - lots of people just hike into the falls and go for a swim and hike back out, cutting your trip almost in half. 

The last section is probably another 45 mins to the end. It is a steady incline - not gonna lie it always feels a little bit like you’re never going to reach the parking lot. :) All a part of the fun. 

And so worth it. 

Try it, if you haven’t!