The Goutte d'Ô

I know my posts this summer have focused a lot on the Fundy coastal region, but I couldn't help but share the experience I had this past week. 

You may have seen our National Parks have been trying out some new accommodation options. This summer in Point Wolfe Campground (in Fundy) they were piloting the Goutte d'O. 

It was as cool as it looks! When staying in Point Wolfe a couple weeks ago, my friends and I were saying how it seemed like something out of The Hunger Games through the woods. 

I stayed in the Goutte d'Ô with another friend on Thursday night. It was a little late in the year so a little cold, and definitely private! I think there were only one or two other humans in the campground. 

It's a pretty neat setup. There's a futon that can sleep two people and a hammock that can sleep one short adult or a couple of kids. The weight restriction is 385 lbs., I believe! 

I slept up there until 5:30 when I went for my early morning bathroom break. I had a pretty good sleep, but it did hurt my back a little bit. But it's hard to beat waking up to a view like this: 

And eating your classic breakfast in your own "private" campground. 

It rained on our second day there, so we spent some time playing games and just soaking in the sweet space. 

I highly recommend checking it out! It's 70$ a night and is open until Oct 10 for this year. It's not heated so you'll have to wear lots of layers. Or, put it on your bucket list for next summer! 

For more information, or to book, check it out here.