Looking for a free and "private" swimming hole? I've got just the thing . . .

I knew Canada Day was going to be a hot one, so I thought it would be a perfect day for the fresh water of Albert County. I was a little worried it would be crowded, but when we got there, we were the only ones there. Paradise. 

This was actually only my second time at Crooked Creek, but it is one of my favourites because I'm obsessed with rocks, trees, and fresh water swimming.

You can jump in here: 

Or here, if you're more daring: 

Fair warning though: it is the coldest water I have swam in! I would only recommend going if it's a pretty hot day.

There are beautiful views at the top and bottom. 

The trek in isn't too bad . . . 

I think it only took about 8 minutes. It's just a wee bit steep . . . 

Which makes the way out a little more taxing. 

Just take a couple of breaks, and you'll be fine. If only there was another swimming hole at the top!


Want to check it out? 

Drive to the village of Riverside Albert via Route 114 and then take the Forestdale Road towards the Crooked Creek Lookout. Just before you get to the lookout, you will see a new road on your right. Across the road from there is an opening in the trees to the path down to the creek. Park on the road or up at the lookout and start your adventure! 

Oh yeah, you get to see a waterfall while you're there too!