Kouchibouguac National Park

Well, it’s probably somewhat strange that I haven’t posted about the other National Park in our province (besides Fundy), but Kouchi is not somewhere I spent a lot of time in my life. Growing up, we always camped in Fundy (and I’m obsessed with it).


I actually went to Kouchi a few years ago and planned to blog about it, but I had a less than fantastic experience, so I couldn’t bring myself to post about it. When I saw they added the Oasis, I thought I’d try it out again! I really loved the accommodation and the bike/kayak rental experience was much better than it was the time previous, so that made a big difference!

We had to park a little bit away from the Oasis, but it made it seem a little more private, which was kind of cool. It was literally steps away from the ocean, and you can see the ocean through the trees from inside.

Once we were settled, we walked the beach,


hiked a couple trails (Beaver and Pines),


then headed to get some supper. We went to a place called Makeba, which we were really happy with. Once we picked up some more snacks, we came “home”, caught sunset, had a campfire and then watched a movie in our Oasis on a laptop. :) Very cozy.


I set my alarm for 7:00am and looked out the window and almost went back to bed. I got up begrudgingly and made the very short walk to the beach. I think you would agree it is a good thing I did.


I don’t know if I’ve seen a nicer sunrise, actually. That was definitely a highlight of the weekend.


Once the pics were snapped, we made a tasty breakfast.

The coffee!


The vibes!

Love camping breakfast.


We packed up and headed out to enjoy an afternoon the crisp fall. It was so beautiful.

We each rented a kayak for I think 15$ for an hour. That was about as much as I wanted to anyway. I wish the rentals were a bit cheaper because I would have liked to do some biking too. They only had fat bikes to rent. Basically, if you want to bike, BYOB. I hear Kouchi is great for biking . . . one day I’ll have to actually try it.

So, with no bikes, we hiked almost all of the trails in the woods. We did the short hike to the beach (Kellys Beach) and had a picnic.

Did Pines, Salt Marsh,


and Clare Fontaine.


Clare Fontaine was probably our favourite as it didn’t have as much boardwalk and went along the river for a lot of it.

That was our trip! We loved it. I highly recommend the Oasis here as it’s heated and has an amazing view of the water, a fire pit, and a BBQ!! Kouchi itself could still win me over a bit, but overall I did love my trip.

If you’re more into hiking, I wouldn’t say that Kouchi is the place for you, but if you love relaxing, biking, leisurely walks in the woods, and the beach, then this is your place.


Here are two of the other Oasis . . . Oasis-es?


Have fun!