Memel Falls

I forgot how fun it is to go to new places! I had so much fun EXPLORING Memel Falls. No adventure is complete without going the wrong way for at least 10 minutes, right? We'll get to that later. 

One of my favourite friends was home for a visit; so after a squishy sleepover at her cottage and a yummy breakfast, we hit the road for Memel! I had heard about Memel Falls quite a few times, and I have been trying to get there for two summers now! I am so glad we did. 

It's about 20 minutes down a semi-rough road, but our Honda Civic made it, so I think you should be ok! Another thing I really like about Memel is the short and fairly easy hike to get there. It's only about 10 minutes to get to this beautiful view. 

From what I could see, the swimming hole is deep all around so there are lots of jumping options. I'm not saying it doesn't require common sense though. :)

There are ropes to climb up and a little bridge to cross to get up on the cliffs. 

This is where you'll find some good views of the three-tiered waterfall. 

And I love this view: 

The trail is a little hard to find and navigate, but if you go on a weekend, you can likely find people to guide you. We had to ask a couple of people. There is an opening before the wooden bridge that you go down:

Cross the river:

(but this view is on the way out!)

(but this view is on the way out!)

Follow some pink ribbons for about 5 minutes: 

(Also on the way out.)

(Also on the way out.)

until you get to the ropes to follow down to the falls. 

It was pretty busy the day we went, but we still had an awesome time.

I love my friends and I love Albert County. 

Oh, I guess I should mention that it was kind of gross in some places because people, unfortunately, don't clean up after themselves. Please leave it cleaner than you found it! FYI - no service out there! 

Like I said, I took a wrong turn, so hopefully these directions will help you: 

From Route 114 in Hopewell Hill, drive out Memel Road for 4 km, keeping left at the first Y-junction (staying on Memel Rd). After the first 2 km, the road turns to gravel/dirt. Continue past a gravel parking lot on the left (that has a an ambulance sign in the tree) and veer right at the Y-junction onto 864 (left picture). Park on the far side of the bridge pictured below. Go back over the bridge and find the beginning of the trail to your left. (Directions taken in part from "Waterfalls of New Brunswick".)